ReLoVe are at it again, doing what they do best. And what they do best is make music that seems, no matter what style they pursue, inherently soulful, wonderfully accessible and sweetly soothing. Some bands are definitely what you call a “genre band,” they get good at one thing, one groove, one style, have one tribal allegiance, musically speaking. ReLoVe are more of a “vibe” band, if there is such a thing, a band who can juggle any number of musical styles but which ever they deliver seems to get you right in the “feels” every time. The “feels” being the heart and soul, the things which run on emotion rather than those boring and  more rational bodily functions.

It’s a Samba groove which drives things along this time, an acoustic guitar adds the requisite latin touches, the bass knits together a wandering background structure which acts as a safety net so that the melodies can be spacious and delicate. The occasional rock guitar blasts adds ballast to keep things grounded, the piano shimmers and chimes with just the right amount of otherworldliness and the gorgeous backing vocals are the icing on the cake.

But like all worthy music it is not the technicalities that make it work, it is the sentiment, the feeling, the arrangement, the composition. This is a band of great musicians but it is the factthat they are smart enough to play what the song needs rather than what makes them as an individual player look good is, ironically, what makes each of them as an individual player look great. I can’t begin to overstate the power of understatement!

A great song and a lovely sentiment. Songs don’t have to change the world, sometimes it is enough that they point to the things that are important, underline the simple beauty of life and that is what ReLoVe do generally and certainly what Stand on Love does specifically.

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