Pop and rock are often at their best when the two genres are allowed to bleed into each other. Take rock’s drive and urgency and leave behind its cliched testosterone-fuelled baggage, add pop’s fun and infectiousness whilst swerving its more style over substance traps, mix thoroughly, serve hot and voila!

It is in such crossover territory that you find Madisyn Whajne and her latest groovesome single, One Shot. Less trashy than Transmission Vamp, tougher than The Darling Buds and perhaps on par with The Primitives, One Shot is the perfect blend of street sass and dance floor finesse. And although there are plenty of references to be found in that 80’s new-pop, new-wave, indie melting pot, One Shot is nothing if not the sound of today.

Brash and boisterous, loaded with punk swagger, oozing pop contagion and strutting towards the listener with defiantly confident strides, it is the antithesis of all of those squeaky clean, over-produced, dance routine, chart fodder acts we have been subjected to of late. And despite playing the pop game on her own terms, not following the pack, not staying in the usual chart comfort zones, when it comes to mainstream success Madisyn Whajne is likely to be the exception which proves the rule.

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