Hollywood – Olya K. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What better to take your mind off these dark and isolated times, as the winter draws in and the future is looking far from certain, than a bit of escapist pop? And Hollywood, the latest sonic slice of sunshine from Olya K is certainly that. Crisp beats, buoyant vocals, infectious grooves and euphoric dance-floor crescendos, it has everything you need and as I give this a spin in the cold corner of my office the video alone is enough to melt the frost on the windows!

It is a vision of warm days, of walking along beach or boulevard, of long summer nights, a place where fun and fantasy, ambition and dreams, all blend into one. And Olya K. provides the perfect soundtrack to underscore the titular locations awesome extravagance, one which seems to blend 80’s innocence and 90’s hedonism with today’s ultra-cool pop allure.

Some music is about deep meanings and high art, there’s a time and a place for that but sometimes you just need a pop postcard, a gentle reminder of better, warmer times to raise a smile and put a spring in your step. Hollywood does exactly that.

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