Una Corda – Peter Colclasure (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Those with even a cursory amount of musical training will understand the reference in the title, Una Corda being a musical directive that indicates the use of the piano’s soft pedal, or as the artist himself puts it, “It’s when things go quiet.” Quiet is exactly the right word for this gorgeous and gracefully collection of piano instrumentals and although the music was written before the effects of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown had taken hold, it became noticeable to Peter Colclasure, as walked to and from the studio during the long mixing process, that the music also seemed to reflect the changes he was seeing in the world around him.

Una Corda is made up of soft and soothing sounds but it is also understated and atmospheric and as the streets became more and more desolate, as supermarket shelves emptied, as the feeling of isolation crept in, the album seemed to also take on new purpose. Although not meant to be an intentional comment on the changing world outside, it is hard not to hear this poignant and plaintive music and conjure such images.

Peter Colclasure has created a stunning sounding collection of songs, one that sits somewhere between gentle classical moves and ambient drifts, which employs space as an instrument, one which he neatly wraps around his deft and delicate piano lines and which seems prophetic given the world that it now finds itself in.

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