Disposable World – ReLoVe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As their array of past singles will testify, ReLoVe is a band with a wonderfully fluid sound, one that sonically shifts, hops boundaries, fuses genres, and embraces different styles as the whim takes them. But no matter which musical path they are exploring, their music is always identified and united by one core aspect. Groove. And lots of it. Styles change but the infectiousness and accessibility, fun and energy which drives what they do never wanes.

Disposable World is no exception. Driven by the most contagious pop buoyancy, they weave bouncing basslines, chiming guitars and even some country fiddle work through the euphoric rhythms.

But it is also a song with something important to say. As the title suggests, the song alludes to the throwaway nature of the world that we find ourselves in today, from the everyday recycling of our waste to the one-shot nature of every aspect of modern lifestyles. And, as always, they remind us that it is love, rather than material objects, which are the answer to most of our hankerings and hang-ups.

And it is this combination of addictive pop (in the broadest sonic sense) and poignant messaging which is the real charm of ReLoVe and the songs that they create. Pop is a realm not known for having much to say beyond teenage dreams and cliched platitudes but Disposable World is proof that it is possible to write songs that will have even the most ardent wallflowers shuffling their feet in no time at all, whilst simultaneously giving them something important to think about.

Come for the groove, stay for the wisdom!

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