White Haze/Cabin Boy – Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

After a wave of squalling sonics and thunderous beats, White Haze settles down into a cool and understated acoustic folk tune. Starting at its most unnadorned, it slowly draws textures and tones around it, more punctualtion than additional melody but enough to add interest and intrigue. Distant laguid trumpets meander, pianos chime and the energy and beat of the song slowly builds over the its long duration before it re-emerges from its cocoon in full folk-rock splendour. Progressive folk? Let’s go with that, it’s as good as any other generic label.

Cabin Boy is a more conventional, but no less addictive, funky, blues number, more direct, more consistently energic, not to mention lyrically sultry and musically sassy.

As a brace of songs it is an appealing package, if nothing else, it demonstrates the fantastic sonic spectrum that Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man are able to cover. And if they can cover such musical breadth in just two songs, image where they might go next?

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