Nothing Ever Happens To Me – Deep Rivers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The merging of folk delicacy with indie cool has been one of the success stories of recent times. It has brought the beauty of folk styles to a whole new audience and has given indie music an unexpected new avenue to explore beyond the pose and pretence of the mainstream. Deep Rivers is a band that not only understands that but does so better than most and Nothing Ever Happens To Me is all the proof that you need.

The album starts in a fairly expected place with the drifting vocal haze and understated structures of Straight Shooter. It is a song which any of the competition would have been more than happy to have penned but what sets Deep Rivers apart from the pack is that as the album moves forward they manage to blend such beauty with some very exploratory moves. No More Mister Nice Guy threads such otherworldliness through rock bombast to great effect, When The Money’ Gone is both epic and ambient…which I’m not sure is actually possible…Keeping Up is droning and dramatic, a bit like Tom Waits writing clattering folk music and Grave Digger Diaries threads violins and strings, tumbling drums and burbling bass lines through a post-folk soundscape.

Not only have they embraced the collision point between roots music traditions and indie potential, but they have also made it their own. And whilst doing so they have unintentionally laid down quite a bench-mark for others to try and aim for. Best of luck with that, you’re going to need it.

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