Alluring Thorns – Lily Phoenix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some of the best music is found where opposites attract, where genres merge, where worlds collide, musical and otherwise. And that is perhaps what makes Alluring Thorns such a beguiling and endearing prospect. Actually, there is no perhaps about it. It’s an elegant and eloquent folk song, one which tips its hat to medieval vibes and troubadouric traditions, or at least our modern perception of them, but forged from background sonics every bit as modern as the most cutting edge pop song.

And that is the charm. Lily Phoenix may have a timeless delivery, an angelic and otherworldly vocal, a gorgeously addictive tone but behind her are modern beats and drifting, studio washes. The best of both worlds perhaps, a song that sounds like the past but which is the product of the present day, appealing to folk purists and aficionados of ancient music as well as those who surf the current folk-indie zeitgeists…not to mention anyone with a couple of Mediæval Bæbes albums in their collection.

Gorgeous, glorious and inspired!

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