When We Fall in Love – Addisyn Chafé (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Having waxed lyrical over the previous release from Lost, Chafe’s current e.p. release, a second instalment arriving was obviously a welcome delivery. And like Burn In Me, this new offering combines the same elements of pop contagion and classical grace as before, but whereas that combined its heartfelt lyricism with a slow burning build and final sonic crescendos, here the mood stays less dramatic, more intimate, which is in many ways a harder trick to pull off. I’m not saying that she was in any way hiding behind the drama and drive that the previous track meandered slowly towards, but here there is a nakedness in the delivery, one that gives Chafé’s vocals nowhere to hide whilst simultaneously proving that they absolutely don’t need one either.

What sonic dynamic there is shades the background nicely but the song is all about the allure and assurance of her voice. Guitars lilt along, drums punctuate from time to time but When We Fall in Love is all about the emotive plea in the vocal delivery, one that you can’t but help but fall in love with either.

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