Burning The Library of Alexandria –  Yvonne Dyor –  Jamit Remix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music created at the more dance end of the spectrum is often seen as being shallow, a quick, one-off sonic fix from a genre with little to say beyond getting people in the mood for a good old boogie. But then you stumble across music with the title of Burning The Library of Alexandra and you realise that maybe there is often more going on, within some quarters at least, than we give it credit for. 

Musically Yvonne Dyor offers up a slowly grooving, brooding and hypnotic dance track, at least it is by the time Jamit has worked his remixing magic on it. The beats and bass rumbles are the main focus, a growling, repetitive riff sits centre stage and the usual electronic elements, not least one that has me checking my phone for incoming calls, skitter and scatter themselves around the outside of this dark design.

But merely by the addition of such a provocative title, this instrumental takes on an interesting aspect and suggests that the song represents a lot more than a Friday night out in a late night, underground dance club. By aligning itself with the greatest and most wilful act of literary destruction in the ancient world, it takes on a higher meaning, if you choose to look for it. And perhaps importantly at a time when the world is moving away from experts and academia in favour of political entrenchment and popularist endgames, it reminds us that knowledge and information, not money and materialism are, and always have been, the more successful unifying factors in the world.

Music that makes you feel and makes you think? Let’s have more of that please.

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