My Own Thing –  Red Red Lips (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a real art to making music at the pop rock collision point. Veer too far one way and you find yourself engrossed in foot on the monitor cliche, lean the other and you are in danger of sacrificing integrity and construction for a lightweight sugar rush, a quick fix soon forgotten. But like many successful bands of this post-genre era, most notably perhaps The Black Keys, this Californian trio get things perfectly balanced.

My Own Thing, whilst being an attitude infused anthem for the modern age, applicable to all but more poignant for being delivered in a female voice, is also woven through with pop contagion. Musically it certainly owes more to alt-rock and pre-punk, garage band swagger, but it is the melodicism and infectiousness that comes from the other side of the generic divide which means that not only does it land hard…it sticks!

The grunt might be there but so too is the groove. Add to that hooky choruses, grinding rhythms, basic beats and a reassuring weight and you have the perfect musical blend for the modern, more discerning market. Making music now that the generic divides and tribal generic allegiances have come creasing down isn’t about not following the rules, it’s about understanding the rules enough to know which ones to follow and which to ignore. The charm of Red Red Lips music in general and My Own Thing in particular is that when you dissect the make up and put the creative DNA under the microscope, all the component parts seem familiar, its just that the final sonic design is slightly unexpected. Proof perhaps that if you teach new dogs old tricks they sometimes end up being the coolest cats on the block.

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