Let’s Hear It For The Chosen – FlyCatFly (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

FlyCatFly has always been a band who excel at mixing power and poise, not only in the range of styles that they employ to fashion their songs but also in the way that they are able to mix delicacy and drive within the songs themselves. It’s a clever trick, its the difference between going down a more cliched alt-rock route and delivering something that, whilst working in familiar musical pasture, is able to plough a fairly unique music furrow. 

Counting Down The Days is the perfect example of such deft blends at work, built as it is on grating rhythms, hypnotically delicate cascades, minimalistic tribal drums and vocals which are all the more powerful for their fragility before the whole thing blows wide open into a dark and dramatic anthem. But when they do explore more driven, more consistently rock and roll avenues, songs such as Dance With Us proves that they are able to create groovesome underground tunes. Tunes that have one foot in the post-punk melting pot of the early eighties creative explosion and the other planted firmly at  cutting edge, of today’s alternative scene. Dark, intense, edgy, sultry and oddly infectious!

More sensuous moments are found in the delicate twist of harmonies of In the End It’s Flood, where Cord and Sina’s vocals effortlessly complement each other over splintered guitars and clinical beats, the space between the vocals and the slow burning build to the finish adding extra layers of atmosphere and anticipation. Open Water also reminds you that this is a rock band who don’t think like most others and rather than making an impact through big beats and thrashed guitars…though there are moments when they use such to great effect…instead they would rather build alluring cinematic feeling, brooding sonic landscapes that ebb and flow and only occasionally play the obvious rock and roll card.

Having loved their previous release Pocketful of Pain, this long overdue follow up shows that they have been able to raise their own benchmark beyond the already high musical standards that they have set for themselves. Let’s Hear It For The Chosen is everything that you expect from FlyCatFly only more so. It is darker, more windswept, more lingering, more cinematic, more dynamic and more…well, just more!

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