The last time that Jon Fuller passed under the pen it was with the Randy Newman-esque Get Down. But singles and albums are two different beasts and one song does not a summer make…or something. What I’m saying is albums are interesting because they are able to show the broad range of the artist’s creativity and nothing truer could be said of his latest album.

Still underpinned by piano, this time out the songs are generally fuller formed, less spacious and staccato, and it is that additional colour that he wraps his creations in that makes the album really fly. There are subtle songs such as Stepping Stone, delicate piano washed in gorgeous musical treatments and more beat-driven tracks such as Gonna Have Fun Today and there are songs that start in pure minimalism and then rise up with more epic qualities such as Lie Yourself To Sleep.

But all of these tracks have the same thing in common, the gorgeous tones and masterfully layered textures that Fuller wraps his songs in. The deftness and delicacy with which he does this are what turn fairly simple songlines into masterful alt-pop anthems. And no one does that quite like Jon Fuller.

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