With the first single from the album, Legends Always Die, creating more than a few waves amongst critics and listeners alike, it is safe to say that ‘Chapter 29,’ the upcoming full-length release from Houston emcee Docman, will arrive on a wave of interest and excitement.

As always with his music, honesty is at the core, and the songs that make up Chapter 29 promise to be an insight into the modern artist’s life and, indeed, the modern young American trying to make their way through life and do the right thing. And as always, it will be the stark honesty of the lyrical messages, the openness and awareness of the way that the world really works, the unseen truths of its dark underbelly that will be the real selling point, and the cutting edge blend of rap, trap and hip-hop vibes which act as their musical vehicle.

To help pave the way for the forthcoming release in June, Docman has recorded a short video that explains who he is, where he is coming from, and what the listener can expect from the album. Make sure to check out the documentary!



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