Penguin Cafe are back with a lovingly produced 10th anniversary reissue of their debut album, titled ‘A Matter of Life… 2021’. Besides being completely remastered and pressed on vinyl for the very first time, the record also features a brand new 2021 recording of lead single ‘Harry Piers’, a song commemorating Arthur Jeffes’ late father and Penguin Cafe Orchestra founder, Simon Jeffes.

‘A Matter of Life… 2021’ is a chance for a classic example of the beauty that’s found in collaboration to reach fresh ears, and an opportunity to breathe new life into fan favourites. The album, performed by a mix of personalities — including Neil Codling of Suede and, on percussion, Cass Browne of Gorillaz — incorporates the aesthetics of the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra, seasoned into a confident and redefined style, maintaining that quintessentially English sound, but adding a fresh direction and a sense that they are evolving into something new and very much their own.

Arthur says, “it’s been really lovely to come back to these old friends — and with this re-issue we’ll be bringing them all out to play live again. Now four albums on, and with our new home at Erased Tapes, it makes a lot of sense for us to go back and pull this record out and brush it off for today”.

Tour dates:

22.03. London (UK)The Barbican Centre

29.04. Belfast (IE) — The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (with Peter Broderick)

01.05. Cheltenham (UK) — Cheltenham Jazz Festival

12.05. Brighton (UK) — The Great Escape — Erased Tapes 十五 showcase

14.05. Saffron Walden (UK) — Saffron Hall

29.05. Hay-on-Wye (UK) — Hay Festival

01.07. Swadlincote (UK) — Timber Festival

29.07. Barnsley (UK) — Underneath The Stars Festival

24.09. Stroud (UK)Hidden Notes (sold out)

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