We Are Us –  Savannah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anthemic is usually a term associated with rock music — a big stage, stadium filling, foot on the monitor, sky-searing sound. But Savannah is living proof that there is such a thing as anthemic pop and We Are Us is the evidence to back up such a statement. If pop is more often built on repetition and hypnotically consistant beats and rock is more the realm of shifting dynamics and almost operatic soundscapes, We Are Us does an almost unprecedented thing and changes the rules, for this is pop in rocks clothing…or perhaps the other way around.

It blends some country vibes through deft acoustic pop structures but the scope of the piece is definitely writ larger than either of those genres normally work with. Instead it aims for rock stratospheres and doesn’t hold back. And it is this unbridled euphoria, this passion, this wide-screen sonic vision which sets We Are Us apart from the pack.

Rock might be full of well-worn cliches and pop driven by tried and tested templates but Savannah proves here that when you find the sweet spot between the two there is a wonderful sonic seam to be mined. 

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