All Night Long – Radiofix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Somewhere between rock ’n’ roll and a hard place, between past glory days and the future sound of rock, between aggression and melodicism, between groove and grind, power and poise is where you find Radiofix. Making music is all about finding the sweet spot, the place where the various sonic ingredients complement rather than contrast with each other. Find that and you can be all things to all men. Well, lots of thing to many people at least.

Stick too closely to the rules, even within the often rigid confines of rock music, and all you are doing is going through the motions, following in the footsteps of what has gone before but Radiofix are smarter than that. Sure, they are not exactly striking out for musical parts unknown, but that is sort of the point, it’s all about keeping things familiar but also doing something new. And as All Night Long demonstrates so eloquently, mix the rock ’n’ roll formula with enough groove, enough melodics, enough sass, enough swing and you can please both those rock fans who are happy in their comfort zones as well as those looking for a fresh injection of sonic juice.

You can never keep everyone happy, so why try? But you can cover a lot of ground just by shaking things up a bit and Radiofix in general and All Night Long in particular are the perfect examples of that.

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