World on Fire  – Dave Sandersfeld (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you were looking to pin a genre on Dave Sandersfeld’s music you might be hard pushed to settle on any one form. Not because it is really trying to be that ahead of curve or creating its own new pigeon-hole, that never works anyway, but because it skirts the edges of so many established forms that it is pleochroic. Don’t worry, I’ve only just found out what that word means too…appearing to be different colours depending on which angle something is viewed from. And so it is with the sonic hues exhibited on World on Fire.

It has the jaunty vibe of the indie-folkster, employs some lovely shards of dream-like guitars around the edges, holds dear some clever pop sensibilities, builds towards more rockish heights, maintains a love of acoustica but is essential a euphoric, singer-songwriter doing what he does best. Try sticking a pin in the musical map to find that one.

But then again, if such a sound was easily found on the map, everyone would be doing it. There is an art to breaking new ground, the art is not to wander too far in any one journey and what Dave Sandersfeld has mastered is the art of exploring new ground that was right under our noses…perhaps that should be right under our ears…all this time.

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