Visions of a Perfect Life – Liam Moore (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Right from the word go there is something wonderfully captivating about Liam Moore’s vocals, not just the grace and gorgeousness of the delivery but the mystery which seems to ooze from these opening lines. And then he ushers in a cool baroque-folk-pop groove and Cosmic Noon is up and running, cool, charming understated and the perfect opening salvo for what turns out to be a wonderfully considered album.

And from here he guides us through some lovely, lilting music which wanders between cosmic hippy-folk vibes to delicate proggy ambience to retro-pop mystique, taking in everything from The Kinks to Scott Walker to America (listen to Imbalances and tell me that this isn’t indeed the name of the horse that they road through a desert on) and Bon Iver’s pastel-pop perfections.

Songs such as The Slouch experiment with tightly coiled blues-rock riffs, Lift ushers in some majestic brass melodies and Apologia cocoons its skittering core in some interesting and unexpected string trappings, but for the most part the songs drive on a lilting acoustic guitar and little else. Visions of A Perfect Life is a fantastic set of songs but above all a masterclass in how to dress your songs. 

Whereas most folkies and alt-indie kids are happy to just double track or layer more acoustic guitars or, if adventurous enough, bring in a violin, Liam Moore searches all corners of the contemporary and orchestral musical world to find the sounds that will really raise his music to another level. And on another level is exactly where we find his album.

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