King and Queen – Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although you wouldn’t really call King and Queen pop-punk, sonically it ticks a lot of the same boxes, which gets my vote because it means that you get the same pop punch, rock grunt and cool punksome swagger without having to put up with all those big shorts, smug demeanours and toilet humour references. Everyone’s a winner! I guess this is a case of Nick and the guys selecting similar musical building blocks to work with but instead use them to construct something much more palatable.

Okay, so the song is built on familiar youthful sentiments but it seems to fashion them into something much more mature too. It is anthemic without being boisterously banal, humorous without being brattish, accessible without resorting to being dumb.

Perhaps this is what pop-punk always wanted to be before it got hi-jacked by Sum 182, Fewer Than Jacob and the like. Perhaps this is what it wanted to be when it grew up and stopped hanging around at frat parties and skate parks.

King and Queen, it is big and it is clever. Finally!

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