One – Ella Blue (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Growing from folky, acoustic ambience and drifting, almost arabesque vocals, One quickly evolves into a thing of soaring, bluesy, alternative-pop beauty. And it does all of this without actually bringing too much to the party. And that is the sign of a good artist, one who can make a lot happen, as much with suggestion as with sound, by choosing just the essential sonic building blocks and assembling perfect sonic architecture with them. Actually, that’s the hallmark of a great artist.

One is the sound of someone getting to the very essence of what they are trying to say, what they are trying to build. A minimal beat, almost casually dealt acoustic guitar chords punctuated by peripheral strings and sonics, beats and bass, but really little more than a way of amplifying, showcasing and displaying the emotion and grace, the elegance and eloquence at the heart of the song.

Too many artists set out to build beautiful songs but real beauty only really happens by accident, as a by-product rather than it being the goal. Ella Blue makes music which glows with a rare, inner beauty and I bet that she doesn’t even realise that she is doing it!

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