Victory – Antwan Jenkins (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

How can you not love music this joyous, this full of life, this celebratory, this vibrant? Victory is a blend of funky bass grooves and gospel harmonies, direct, communicative vocals and soaring choruses, soulful brass and skittering drum beats and when they are put together with this much skill the result is nothing short of infectious. There is no other word for it. But, as with all such gospel creations there is a more serious reason underpinning everything, that reason is faith.

Victory is the epitome of the modern gospel teaching turned to song. Obviously the message is the driving point, the whole reason actually, but the skill of staying relevant to people’s needs is also in knowing how to move with the times. Here, Antwan wonderfully acknowledges the musical traditions of his chosen genre but the fact that he is so able to weave those sounds through contemporary pop, soul and dance vibes keeps them musically relevant as well as lyrically poignant. Never has a message been so wonderfully delivered or openly received.

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