Deep End – JPOPD1 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Too many artists spend too much time looking backwards, hoping to trade on nostalgic sounds and past pop glories, that they forget to embrace the future as it rises up to meet them. JPOPD1 is not one of those artists and Deep End is definitely the sound of someone looking forward rather than behind them. It’s the sound of cutting-edge pop sensibilities being woven out of glitchy electronica and drifting ambience, chilled, alternative dance vibes and a whole lot of originality.

The vocals wander from deft raps and spoken word to heavy, effect-laden R&B and salvos of spit-sung lyrics, and there is something in the laid-back pace of the song balanced against the frantic sprinkling of warped futuristic electronica which sets up an interesting sonic conflict: part laidback, early hours, chill-out zone sounds, part angst-driven and claustrophobic.

Music is always moving forward, often much more slowly than we might like but Deep End is the sound of great sonic strides being taken. The challenge now for others in the field is to see if they can keep up with the pace of such changes.

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