Get The Funk – Billy Ray Rock (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pretty much everything that you need to know about this track and the man behind it is found in the title. Get The Funk is full of funkiness and Billy Ray rocks! It’s as simple as that. The track is a wonderfully groovesome blend of 70’s funk vibes andd R&B sass which wanders dangerously close to falling off a free jazz cliff-edge, reining things in just before disaster looms. It name-checks the legendary Parliament, and the even more iconic James Brown, and for good reason and draws a neat line from the pioneering artists to later prodigies, most notably Prince.

There is a lot going on, from bass grooves to brass salvos, soulful guitar licks to gang vocals, tasteful piano to slick R&B infusions but the clever thing is they are woven together into such a sassy and sweet sonic design that no one instrument or musical strand seems to ever get in the way of or trip over another. And that takes some real skill, a mean ear for composition and a lot of composure.

Get The Funk is a glorious reminder of funk past as well as a taste of the funk to come. Time to get your groove on people!

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