My Worth – See Your Shadow (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

From little acorns might oaks grow, so the saying goes. And My Worth certainly resonates with such an image. From an impromptu beat, laid down after a few drinks, this funky, Southern Rock instrumental, grew via a regular See Your Shadow jam session to evolve into a full and flourishing sonic oak.

The artistic director of the group, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman, decided that although it was, perhaps, not in the same musical vein as their more recent output, it was a strong and interesting piece, even without lyrics. And this shows you just how music works. The smallest of ideas, the most unusual of influences, the most off-beat of inspirations, can often be the seed which grows into something new and interesting. The art is to let it grow naturally and if it seems to want to bloom in new sonic pastures then so be it.

Southern fried rock guitar grooves are woven through a background of deft banjo and pulsing bass lines, hammond organs rise up to meet the swelling musical tide and the whole thing seems to just wander along its own funky pathway dripping attitude, swagger and no small amount of southern charm

It’s so easy to get tied down with musical rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts, fads and fashions or to play to expectations, sometimes, most times, it is best just to go with the flow and see where you end up. You may end up with a tune as cool as this!

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