Sacred Land – Nied’s Hotel Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It seems that, in a world where we seem to look up to “celebrities” and politicians and even big comic book heroes turned into escapist film icons, we have forgotten that heroes walk amongst us. They look just like you and me but you can often spot them by the coal dust, the oil, the paint, the sweat…sometimes the blood, that they wear as a badge of office. Sacred Land is an anthem to these everyday heroes, the families that they raise and the offspring that the send off into the world to continue the mission.

A slow, powerful rock groove and an Americana vibe, it echoes with the same earnestness as similar musical champions of the blue-collar worker and the everyday folk such as Springsteen and Mellencamp. Sacred Land drips with the same forthright honesty, the same low-key poignancy.

It’s easy to find abstract ideas to look up too, find supposed icons to follow but the reality is that they are all around us, in the streets and schools, in the factories and bars and probably even in the next room of your house. It’s okay to not know where you are going in life, we all lose our way from time to time but if you remember where you come from, you will generally find your way again. Sacred Land is merely a reminder of such a truth.

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