As the anagrammatically titled (almost) Red Omen deftly showed us, Ed Roman is an artist able to wear many sonic hats and why not? After all, you wouldn’t expect a chef to repeatedly make one meal or an artist to constantly repaint the same picture, so why shouldn’t a musician be free to turn his hand to any sound or style which takes their fancy? In fact that is the proper definition of the role that they have chosen.

On Tomorrow is Today we find Ed leaning heavily into rock and roll mode, but as always he is able to weave in his clever folk sensibilities and melodic, pop awareness so that whilst the initial image is that of the low-slung, guitar-wielding rocker, the song is actually more astute and better crafted than such a term might suggest.

Running on some neat staccato, sonic punches and funky, guitar grooves it is the perfect delivery system for a voice which is just as at home knocking out the gruff and raw-edged blues howl verses as it is the more reserved, more reflective choruses. An anthem to looking forward, to living in the moment, to not being weighed down by the mistakes of the past, this is the sound of a real groover on manoeuvres. Brilliant.

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