If there is one thing that spills out of this latest offering from Infinite Soldier it is euphoria. Even before you engage full with what is going on in the track, before you absorb the music on a deeper level, before you examine the lyrics or the music’s raison d’etre you, the listener, find yourself faced with a wave of celebratory and life-affirming sounds.  

And when you find out more about the Infinite Soldier concept, such an approach makes perfect sense. Originally a musical concept but now grown almost into a philosophy of positivity, the drive behind it is to understand the power of words, of removing negativity from your own lives, of building new personal worlds to inhabit  through being mindful of what we say and do, how we react with others and how our actions affects them.

But it is a subtle message, at least in the context of this song and video. Employing the now trademark spoken word over sunshine clubland vibes…pun intended…this is an infectiously contagious slice of dance, one filled with big beats, sky-scraping vocal crescendos and some groovesome synth riffs. And with the vocals set back in the mix, it is the music rather than the vocals which become the focal point and this intern pushes home the idea of the real power of non-vocal communication, that even if the words are more of a subliminal component or that the message may be received through a sort of sonic osmosis, music is a powerful device and the listener comes away from Vibe feeling somehow refreshed, more positive, cleansed even even if they are unaware of the forces at work.

Even as a stand alone piece of sonic art, Vibe is an addictive piece of work; as a focal point for a whole way of looking at the world, it might just be the party anthem to the most importance celebration in the global village for a very long time.

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