Can’t Stand Still – Annie Keating (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

I love an album to open with some oomph, to be unashamed of giving the listener a kick in the pants and forcing them to sit up and take notice, some of my favourite albums have belting opening tracks and New York’s Annie Keating does this on her new ‘mini album’ Can’t Stand Still with the storming ‘Beholden’.

It’s a move away from her 2018 release ‘Ghost of the Untravelled Road’ which relied more on acoustic, intimate songs but these six songs won’t detract from what she does, in fact it’s another ribbon in the hat for an artist determined on exploring other genres (suddenly the album title makes perfect sense!).

Following with the Rolling Stones-sounding ‘$20’ we’re given another punchy tune before going into the bluesy, New Orleans tinged music of ‘Mother of Exile’ that allows the listener to take in her bluesy voice which sits in a comfortable place without really powering through the songs, which is a shame but her songs rely on musicality and talent rather than trying to hit the high notes, but it does make me wonder if there is more to this singer than is on show here.

It’s an album to suit any road trip and for any getaway drivers out there wanting a new playlist to absorb whilst waiting for your crew to emerge from the bank with dollar bills fluttering from black holdalls, give it a listen. It’s a niche market admittedly but if you want music to match the adrenalin of escaping the pursuing police, download a copy.

But, for the rest of you, give it a listen and decide for yourself, it’s refreshing to hear an album of punchy, three-minute songs, that still has the touch of class to it.


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