Tulips  –  Olga Solar (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If indie music often tries so hard to be cool you can hear it creaking under the weight of its own earnestness, and soul music is often regarded as a niche or more underground genre these days, especially by fans of white, guitar driven sounds, then perhaps Olga Solar is the answer. Then again, genres are pretty meaningless these days. But Tulips is effortlessly soulful without being soul music by any usual definition. It also easily conforms to the usual indie music benchmarks but what it is acting independently of is anyones guess…bad music I suppose. Yet it ticks a lot of boxes in both of these, often mutually exclusive, areas. Strange!

Maybe we should boil things down even further and just label it a great song. It chimes with hypnotic intrigue, shimmers with musical grace, slow burns its way to a fantastic singalong crescendo and is just the most infectious slice of…whatever it is….since, well, the last really infectious thing to pass this way. I’m not making a lot of sense here so I’ll just say go and buy the track, you won’t be disappointed and if you are disappointed, well, I guess that we can’t be friends anymore. Sorry I don’t make the rules!

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