Duels raises a few interesting questions, questions which the musical competition might want to level at themselves. Questions such as, why glow when you can shine? Why sparkle when you can shimmer with sonic incandescence? Why be ordinary when you can ooze widescreen, cinematic grander? Why Indeed? For Brim Liski is able to pour all of those qualities into the music and do so without any hint of effort or pretence.

This e.p. is a four song suite of electronica that revels mainly in the instrumental form, but with some spoken word inclusions which feels more about the sonic qualities of the voice rather than any direct communication and which somehow blends dark undercurrents with infectious futuristic pop. It is hazy and textured, the sound of shoegaze where the guitars have been locked away and synths put in their place.

A Different View has a more conventional approach to lyrics and it makes you wonder why they don’t use more, but there is also something wonderful about the half hidden, disembodied voices that pass ghostlike through the closing track Evolution. But whatever their lyrical quotient, the songs revel in a drifting soundscaping, a beautiful yet clinical hybrid of nature and machines and formless layers being gathered into translucent arrangements that are as elegant as they are musically eloquent.



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