Love’s a Lie –  Gods Never Age (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Gods Never Age sounds like the future of R&B, or at least the cutting edge of the here and now. They fuse the sultry and soulful grooves of the genre with more far-reaching sonic ideas and forward-thinking thought processes and Love’s A Lie is a place where studio technology, beats and lyrical flows, smooth electronica and ambient dynamics all blend and build new sonic landscapes.

Apart from having a great title, Post-Traumatic Love Disorder is the perfect example of this and a great way to kick off this 5 track offering, riding slinky grooves and cool clubland style before things get more experimental with Carry Me/To The Light’s more mercurial, soul tripping sounds take over. Heavens Gate is a wonderful collision of confident beats, pop-rock energy and a distant echo of 80’s New Romantic vibes and Exists signs the e.p. off in contemporary alt-pop meets trance-like hip-hop territory.

As glimpses of the future go this is pretty fascinating. After all, why be one of those acts busy reading, absorbing and learning from the current chapter of the book of pop when you can be out there helping to write the next one?

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