This Side – Marquette King (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop-Hop, that’s what the man behind the music calls his sonic creations and to be honest, as far as genres go, it sums things up perfectly. Blending the flow and lyrical dexterity of the latter with the infectiousness and dance-floor groove of the former, if ever there was a more succinct or more apt musical description, I’m yet to hear it.

Marquette King takes a whole bunch of familiar musical conventions – the contrasting and complementing boy-girl vocal switches, the easy addictiveness of the chorus, the accessible beat and instinctive groove – and somehow takes it into new territory or perhaps just explores existing territory but somehow manages to find things that others have failed to maximise on. Either way, he bridges that gap between the familiar and the fresh with ease.

This Side is an instant rush to the system. By the second bar you will be moving to its seductive rhythms, by the second chorus you will be singing along and by the end of the song you will want to play it again and again…and again.

Making a song seem this simple is a skill in its own right. It is a skill that Marquette King has in no small amount.

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