A Short Conversation with Nandan Gautam

With the novel King of The Sea now released and two albums of music, The King of The Sea and The Divine Flaw also available to enhance the story, I sat down with the man behind this multi-media, meta-physical tale for a chat for The Big Takeover.

You have just released the novel, The King of The Sea, which ties in with your two albums –  The King of the Sea and The Divine Flaw –  can you explain the relationship between the music and the writing?

Nandan Gautam : They are like perhaps like brother and sister! They share the same set of genes but what you experience is entirely different. I would say that the writing moves in a linear manner (even though the paragraphs jump from one place to another). The fact is that you cannot read two lines at the same time…

Read the full interview at The Big Takeover


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