Peaches – Jubilee (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Tired of looking for indie/pop artists who are genuinely doing something new with their chosen genre, who are moving beyond the usual chart template and who are looking elsewhere for inspiration? Look no further, Jubilee is definitely one to listen to for some outside the box musical thinking. With a childhood which wandered between Bahia, Brazil, and California, it comes as no surprise that for every regular western pop influence, there is something more exotic to balance it found in the music that she makes, usually found in the grooves and rhythms which drive things along.

Peaches is a wonderful example of the modern pop single being totally deconstructed and then rebuilt from very different sonic building blocks. It swaggers along in a strangely meandering fashion, seductively and unexpectedly, a hint of latin dance here, a dash of more ambient electro-pop or r&b cool  there, it wanders between languages and genres, and has an unpredictable pattern to the beat.

Jubilee is not an artist you can second guess and her music is a truly original take on pop music, so beguiling that for every cool indie kid queueing up to add this to their treasured playlist there will be a mainstream pop-picker doing exactly the same.

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