Hip-hop and all the genres that it spawned might have travelled a long way from the South Bronx street corners since it first found its feet, but it is good to know that there are still artists working with the same stark lyricism and honest, down to earth expressions which the genre was first founded on. Lou-Tenant may employ more up to date musicality, skittering trap percussion and spacious beats, digitally captured electronica and meandering bass lines, but Louis Travis is still driving a narrative which would be familiar to those early pioneers.

Here, he is pushing a message of the underdog who is tired of being held back, it is clear that he that he is out for himself, that he will walk right over anyone who gets between him and his goals. Lyrically it is starkly honest, perhaps too honest for some but that is the language of the streets, of the everyday, of real life and Louis Travis isn’t about to compromise his message. If the language offends you then go ahead and be offended. I doubt that he will even give it a second thought.

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