This Feels Good – Purple Tone Flower (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This debut release from Purple Tone Flower is full of soothing music and fun licks, soulful grooves and moments of pop perfection. It is the product of Chilean musician and producer Mauricio Flores Sánchez, who has been making music since he was in his teens. Only now did it feel like the perfect time to pour all of that experience and wisdom garnered from playing for a host of bands and projects into his own musical vehicle. And so This Feels Good was born.

I Wanna Make It is an insight into personal ambition put to the smoothest slice of sensual soul you will have heard in a long time and We Will Fight For Us takes a more confrontational tone whilst firing off salvos of funky, frantic, Nile Rogers style guitar licks, boogie bass lines and brass attacks. If I Were You is seductive and sultry and the EP rounds off with the gorgeously groovy In My Life.

This Feels Good certainly lives up to the title and it sounds less like a standard EP and more like a collection of killer singles.

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