He Always Provides – One House Worship (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Devotional Christian music tends to range from the ornate and conservative sound of the high church to the more exuberant and joyous sonics of gospel music. The great thing about the music that One House Worship makes, is that it seems to take in both of these extremes and everything in between.

Battle, which opens this small but perfectly formed EP, can only be described as progressive gospel. It takes the joyousness and vocal textures of gospel music but uses a bed of epic, progressive rock dynamics to create the engine room to drive the message.

The title track, which weighs in at nearly 12 minutes, takes a more soulful sound and uses that to create sky-searing highs and subtle and supple moments of reflection and Good rounds things off with all the drama and infectiousness of a hymn turned into musical theatre turned into an anthem turned into a way of life.

One House Worship think big. Their music not only reaches the heavens that inspire it but it also remains a worldly creation, accessible, celebratory and, most of all, a whole lot of fun.

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