Splash – Acid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and alternative pop together until they mix and merge in the same sonic space, Michigan-based artist, Acid, has created a perfect example of the post-genre urban sound. Splash runs on a bubbling, buoyant groove and skittering percussion, and plays with futuristic electronica to create the engaging soundscape that sits between the vocals and the beats.

Without the restrictions of the past, the unspoken rules which meant that artists felt obliged to stay within their chosen generic boundaries, Acid has created something both refreshing and still familiar. There is comfort to be found in the threads of dance energy and hip-hop style, the pop flavours and R&B grooves but the way they are seamlessly blended makes for something new and definitively of the modern age.

Punk music may have been all about kicking down barriers but it is the current generation and the technology and revolutionary musical spirit that they wield that is changing the musical landscape like at no other time in history.

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