Pasión – Operatical (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

For many, the term classical music evokes the past, a musical style of a time gone by. Operatical is a music group that proves that such a sound and style is very much alive in the modern world and Pasión tells you everything you need to know about the bridge that they build between past and present.

Blending assured, operatic vocals and the sweeping strings of the Romantic composers into gorgeous cascades of music and emotive layers of vocal textures, this is a song that looks to the past for influence but stands with both of its metaphorical feet planted very much in the here-and-now. A gentle accordion adds a touch of Mediterranean spice, a neat way of adding a bit of folk tradition to the high culture and ornateness of the main body of the music.

Pasión is a collaboration between Nadina Tziatziou and lyricist Thanos Zisis, with 8tetto vocal ensemble guesting to provide the sumptuous choral waves and washes which act as the background for the solo voices to sail over.

The next time anyone tells you that classical music is something consigned to the past, just play this beautiful video.

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