Grandpa’s Truck – Colt Sterk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting somewhere between a seductive country sound and a gentle folk vibe, Grandpa’s Truck is a heartfelt and nostalgic look at the past. A reminder of past times that were as simple as they were memorable, a love story, of sorts, but this love is one of escapism, adventure, of wide-open spaces and the faithful truck that made it all possible.

The song uses clever dynamics and sonic punctuation to build anticipation and deliver the sonic highs, but for the most part, is happy to allow the music to sit back and let the lyrical content and vocal delivery to be the real hook.

It works because Colt Sterk doesn’t try too hard. It feels honest, is wonderfully relatable, a simple story of simple pleasures, a warm tale invoking warmer memories. There is no need to build elaborate musical webs or deliver fancifully lyrics, as Grandpa’s Truck proves, and its effective and infectious qualities means that it is a song which would be just as at home being busked on the street corner as it would coming from the stage of a vast stadium. It’s simply a great song and that, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

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