Manners – Tarah Who? (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We’ve always known that anything a man can do, a woman can do at least as well. Put two women in the same band and the possibilities are endless. If you need proof then just give the latest single from Tarah Who? a spin. This duo of guitarist, singer and front-woman Tarah Carpenter and drummer Coralie Hervé certainly kick up a sonic storm, evoking the spirit of everything from ’70’s punk to ’80’s alt-rock to ’90’s grunge with their salvos of raw energy and deft and poignant lyricism.

Manners is a reminder that you can’t please everyone, even most of the time, so why try. Better to be yourself and just let the right people take you as you come. If people don’t get what you re all about, that is their loss.

It’s a timely anthem, a reminder that the modern worlds fixation with collecting social media likes and add followers, this on-going quests for approval and justification isn’t healthy. And just like the non-conformist message, Tarah Who? revels in a non-conformist and unique sound too. An explosive, anthemic, outsider rallying cry to be shouted from the rooftops. Preferably daily.

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