Think Twice –  THNDR (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, that’s interesting. I love songs which are hard to pin down…either chronologically or generically and THNDR’s Think Twice is certainly one of those tricky beasts….are by far the most intriguing. A mix of gentle-funk, island vibes, pop-reggae infectiousness and underground dance grooves, it is a song that is as addictive as it is strange. It seems to ooze and swagger rather than be in any particular hurry to get the job done and it is this slow sultry attitude which only makes it all the more appealing.

And when it comes to the musical time line it could be placed anywhere from the mid nineties classy funky experimentations and soul revivals that lead to the trip-hop scene (particularly just down the road from this particular scribbler in Bristol, UK) right up to today’s post-genre attitudes.

Not that it maters where, when or even what it is. The fact that it is wonderfully addictive says it all and as a calling card for the just released A Print of the Sun album, it plays the role to perfection.

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