Six Strings and Me –  Redwood Honey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Myself and a friend recently had a debate about the term Americana. I consider it a certain sound, musical shorthand if you like or perhaps a home grown sound track for the country from which it takes its name. He, on the other hand, thought that it had a narrower geographical remit, and even referenced something I had written about a band from Boston not being eligible for the term on the basis of their zip code. Well, Redwood Honey are also from Boston and to me this is Americana. Ha! take that unnamed friend who will undoubtedly comment on this review.

So Americana is the name of the game and Redwood Honey have that certain blend of rock groove and country swagger…or possibly vice versa, mixed with just the right amount of easy accessibility and even wind things up with an impressive, old school, bluesy, country-rock crescendo as they push the song to its logical, not to mention wild, conclusion.

So is it Americana? Who really cares what it is as long as they just keep doing it.

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