Witch in the Woods –  Reggie Vinson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s safe to say that “Rockin’ Reggie Vinson moves in fairly exulted musical circles. Cousin to Pat Boone, session man for John Lennon, co-writer and guitarist with Alice Cooper and with a resume that reads like a who’s who of modern music, he has certainly has rocked with the best of them. And although gospel music was the sound that shaped his formative years, clearly he has since embraced all sounds and styles, genres and geographies during his musical exploration of music…R&B, rockabilly, soul, pop, rock and everything in between.

And Witch in the Woods certainly falls more towards the rock end of his tastes, a dark themed piece which has a few undertones of his old compadre Alice, but which also employs sweeping string washes and staccato classical punctuation which tips its hat slightly to the baroque-pop pioneers of yore.  

And whilst on first listening the song seem pretty straight-forward, as always the devil is in the detail and as the strings weave around the song building from slow burning broodiness to dark crescendoes, other sonic spells are cast too. Additional guitar motifs whip past, fleeting and understated but adding deft texture to the proceedings and strange little vocal tricks which owe themselves more to musical theatre than rock and roll add some wonderful tongue-in-cheek levity to the song. After all what is rock and roll without humour? (Prog presumably!)

It’s a great little song, it doesn’t take itself too seriously –  the video is more a new take on iconic Hammer movie stylings than anything too edgy or bleak – and it seems to reward the listener with new musical revelations and hidden sonic depths with each successive play. Good, honest, rock and rill…what more do you need?

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