Things I Wish You Said  –  Indifferent Matters (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

28167065_583846615298623_6421704728337974505_n.jpgThere is an interesting ambiguity that sits at the literary heart of Things I Wish You Said, the first single from Indifferent Matters. Whilst the lyrics seem to dwell on a loving and functioning relationship, heartwarming analogies and the realities of trying to make things perfect in an imperfect world, the title hints at a missing piece in this puzzle, something wished for and so presumably not present. But that’s love for you and maybe that is all part of the intrigue of the song.

Musically it is on just as tantalising ground as it builds on chilled and soulful minimalism, with chiming guitars and plaintive piano just guiding the words to their intended destination, before sullen brass edges in and sounds the changes. Beats build, a trumpet carries the main riff, banks of sumptuous harmonies add body and the song grooves and sashays towards its conclusion. Things I Wish You Said deftly splices ambient funk, alternative  soulful rock, laid-back blues and an air of neo-hippyism to great effect, and why not, that isn’t a blend you come across too often and they do it elegantly. If song marks their  first time around the musical block, I can’t be the only one intrigued to hear what happens next!

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