The Size of The Night –  Peter Kernel (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

PeterKernelmittel3I have to confess that when lead single and album opener There’s Nothin Like You first drifted past this reviewers ears, something strange happened. That odd sensation that here was a band that was at once brilliant yet bonkers, original less because they had stumbled across a wonderful new sound but more because they had thrown a hand-grenade into a number of indie, alt and art-rock scenes and just stuck the pieces back together. I think I may have described them as “mad as a bucket of frogs.” I stand by that statement.

And whilst I knew that it was going to be an impossible job to try to convey exactly what they do, I also knew that this was just the sort of band that I want more people to hear. Beyond the aforementioned single the landscape is just as strange. Disjointed indie clashes with college rock collages, art-punk urges, sinister fairy tale deliveries, freaky pop and more besides.

It is an album which explores our darker moods and our solitary moments and how that part of our personality effects the world around us. Like the analogous night of the title it can be loving, joyful or dark and terrible, full of fun or wracked with fear. And that balance of emotions is summed up in the music. Sometimes direct and melodic, sometime fractured and challenging. A mesmerising art-attack I ever their was one.

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