My Life –  Hot Dizzy  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hot_Dizzy_12_PRO02.jpgAs previous releases have proved, Hot Dizzy speaks about the world as he sees it. He doesn’t trade in fantasy scenarios or dream-laden ambitions, he trades in stories that reflect his own life, spins tales where he is the central character commenting on the highs and lows of life from a very personal point of view. If Fake Nigga was his take on the falseness and the lack of loyalty amongst people he thought he knew, My Life does literally what it says on the tin. A 5 minute auto-biographical wander through his life to date.

East Coast lyrical dexterity meets underlying West Coast swagger, golden age 90’s vibes but laced with the fresh and exploratory sound of the contemporary scene, Hot Dizzy is the perfect blend of familiarity and forward thinking, of knowing your place in musical history and being brave enough to write your own chapter. From their he warps other genres through the music, it may be built on rap flows and hip-hop swagger but like all artists working at the cutting edge of todays sound you will also find strange electronica, trap-percussion and other up to the minute adaptions.

Like all music that moves the ball forward, the core values and intent of the chosen genre remain in place but it also brings new to the table. Evolution is the way forward!

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