The Warped Glimmer – Vivian (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes, songs tell their story through the medium of lyrical communication, laying out the narrative in no uncertain terms. Other times they tell their tales in less tangible ways, through emotion and feeling, or perhaps just a general vibe. The Warped Glimmer seems to do both but it is to the latter approach that it seems to lean more heavily, remaining vague and guarded but in doing so turning its intimacy and personal secrets into a universally relatable sound which anyone can use as a back drop to the emotive moments in their own lives.

Sitting somewhere between dream-pop and the more beat orientated end of ambient dance, it laces classical piano motifs, deftly picked guitar and futuristic synth resonance through the simple yet stunningly effective melodies and all of which acts as a perfect frame and a vehicle for the gorgeous, graceful and dynamic vocals of Alana Rolfe.

And as the title track of the duo’s album, it does everything an eponymous track should…it makes you want to go out and buy the complete collection of songs immediately. Job done.

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