Such A Waste – 32 Below (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If rock and roll is all about the swagger and the spectacle and country music based around more deft and emotive song crafting, then it is in bands such as 32 Below that the two genres manage to marry up perfectly. A rock yin to a rootsy yang. As Such a Waste nearly demonstrates, the band are able to fashion songs starting with a delicacy, intricacy leaning heavily on an acoustic guitar and an unfussy beat and working up from there.  And once you have such a stable and spacious platform you can take things almost anywhere.

And where they choose to take it is for a spin around the rarified air above a number of genres genre, but as they do so they pull some great song tricks along the way, soaring high above rock peaks, swooping low over sunlight country pastures and throwing in all manner of electric guitar salvos and fiddle finesse at its folk-infused finest.

Country rock is more than just taking the former and turning it up to eleven or throwing some acoustic work into the latter, it is about finding the essence of each genre and working out just how they dove-tail together seamlessly. And if you don’t understand what I mean by that just keep playing Such A Waste until the penny finally drops.

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